Renewable Energy Engineer

Most renewable technologies rely on energy from the sun or heat from the earth or air to heat our homes and provide us with hot water or electricity. Somewhere along the line there is connectivity to a water system or an electricity supply. Therefore every renewables engineer needs to be an NVQ qualified Plumber and a Defined Scope or in some cases a Full Scope Electrician before he can safely and legally tackle most renewable installations.

Our program qualifies you in every skill required and prepares you for MCS registration. Along your journey you will qualify as a Domestic Plumber, a Part P Electrician and finally a Renewables Engineer. In essence you will gain three essential trades and open doors to three different sources of income or business opportunity.

The UK has to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% by 2025. That means that the residential sector of our economy has to shrink its carbon emissions by 90%. This will involve installing a vast array of green and renewable technologies: Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Biomass Boilers, Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Rainwater Harvesting , Grey Water Recycling and Under floor Heating – this is an enormous challenge and involves refitting 25 million homes. This is a massive industry and is predicted to create 500,000 new jobs and hundreds of new businesses by 2020. This is a huge field of opportunity.

Once you have trained with us and qualified as an electrician you could earn a good income by

Working as a qualified plumber.

  • Fitting, install and maintain bathrooms.
  • Fixing and connect radiators.
  • Working with airing cupboards/water tanks.

Working as a domestic electrical installer.

  • Register with a professional body to join a Competent Persons Scheme.
  • Complete and self-certify electrical work in domestic environments only e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, lighting circuits and wall sockets.
  • Inspect, test and complete the necessary paperwork for a new domestic (single phase) electrical installation.

And of course, work as a qualified green engineer with your own business or for a company.

  • You can apply to become an MCS Certified Installer.
  • Work on multi-powered properties.
  • Complete renewable installations from start to finish.
  • Work in people’s home or small commercial units providing energy efficient plumbing and electrical solutions.
  • Install, maintain and commission solar thermal systems.
  • Install heat pumps, which convert energy from the air and ground.
  • Install and maintain different types of rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Install unvented hot water storage systems over 15 litres in capacity, and self-certify your work.

And qualified renewable energy engineers can take advantage of

  • Domestic work
  • Maintenance contracts
  • New construction and building site jobs
  • Emergency callouts (which can earn premium rates)
  • Full-time employment or self-employment
  • Providing a service to allied trades such as carpenters, tillers, kitchen fitters etc.
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