As a guideline, according to the National Careers Service starting salaries for newly qualified plumbers are typically between £16,500 and £21,000 a year. Hourly rates vary quite a bit regionally but are usually in the region of £10 – £13. Experienced plumbers can earn in the region of £21,000 to £35,000 a year, with the highest average salaries being in London and the South East.

Self-employed plumbers set their own rates where for emergency call outs, they can attain £40 – £50 per hour. With experience a plumber may seek to specialise in areas such as energy efficiency, or renewables e.g. solar thermal, underfloor heating and grey water recycling etc., which opens up more earnings opportunities.

Self-employed plumbers set their own rates and dependent upon the hours they are prepared to work they can earn anything up to £60,000 per annum.

Working as a plumber involves much more than simply fixing leaky pipes. Once you have trained with us and qualified as a plumber you could earn a good income by:

  • Installing or maintaining heating systems
  • Repairing sanitation systems
  • Fitting domestic appliances (such as dishwashers)
  • Installing air-conditioning units
  • Fitting bathrooms
  • Emergency repairs

And qualified plumbers can take advantage of

  • Domestic work
  • Maintenance contracts
  • New construction and building site jobs
  • Emergency callouts (which earn premium rates)
  • Full-time employment
  • Providing a service to allied trades such as electricians, gas engineers, carpenters etc.

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